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HighEnd Technic

We use high end technology with ddos protection.



We do not tolerate cheaters. Any kind will be banned.



Experienced, tollerant and none playing admins.

For a better overview
of your pvp statistics, we have set up a statistics page and ingame statistics.

Whether it's the number of kills or deaths, or your headshot quota, you can read everything here. Also those of the other players.

Open Statistics
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Our Features

To offer you the best gaming experience, we use a lot of plugins. more details below..


Whether alone or with a maximum of 4 per team. Everyone is welcome. We have also installed a clan system.


We also want to give something back to the community. That's why there will be giveaways at regular intervals for everyone who has linked their Discord.

Balanced Loot

We decided to set the loot and gather to 1.5x and the stacks to 2x. We also have 50% upkeep

Raid times

We got a raid protection. Raiding is only permitted between Monday-Thursday 18:00-23:00 and Friday - Sunday 18:00-02:00.

Map vote

We have an ingame mapvote system. There are 3 maps to choose from. Each player has 1 vote per wipe.


Cheating destroys the gaming experience. Therefore we do not tolerate cheaters. Anyone with a VAC or Gameban will be excluded from our game.

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We do our best to always be there for you.